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Jessica Schaefer
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Jessica Schaefer

Jessica Schaefer advises CEOs and investors on reputation management and organic growth through strategic communications. Schaefer founded Bevel to address the gap in venture and tech communications.

Schaefer has experience leading public relations for global, financial organizations, including Point72, a family office managing the assets of Steven A. Cohen. She also managed communications for the firm’s venture capital arm, Point72 Ventures, and helped its portfolio companies, early-stage startups, with their marketing and brand development initiatives.

Prior to Point72, Schaefer worked at Moody’s Analytics, a sister company to the credit-ratings agency, which specializes in risk management. While there, she worked in various roles across marketing and sales from Head of Communications to Relationship Manager for our Global Sales team.

Schaefer started her career at a financial communications firm in 2008. Her clients included Jefferies, OppenheimerFunds, RBC, and RBS, among others.

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