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Jonathan Snow
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Jonathan Snow

Chief Innovation Officer, Founder, The Snow Agency


Dr. Jonathan Snow is Chief Innovation Officer at Avenue Z and President/Founder of The Snow Agency, an Avenue Z Network company. SNOW is a leading full-service digital marketing agency, named the INC. 5000 #2 fastest growing advertising/marketing company in the country, and holds Shopify Plus partner status.

Prior Experience

During his time as a dentist and orthodontist, Dr. Snow initially took up digital marketing as a hobby, which subsequently turned into much more. He started as the top-earning marketer for Caffeine Digital, a multi-million dollar digital marketing company, where he formed numerous impactful relationships with influencers and celebrities and was eventually elevated to manage hundreds of marketers beneath him. Utilizing this digital marketing experience, Dr. Snow co-founded and launched several e-commerce stores, generating over $50M in revenue in just 3 short years, with his brother/partner Daniel Snow, eventually leading to the establishment of The Snow Agency, a full-service digital marketing agency.

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