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The Challenge

AdventHealth Nicholson Center sought a more user-friendly website experience, both on the front and back end. They needed a clean, minimalistic design that incorporated their color palette to enhance user experience. They also required a reorganized information architecture and an efficient content management system for quick updates to their ever-changing list of meetings and events.

The Approach

  • Perform a detailed analysis of user and administrator pain points, and strategize an approach to address them
  • Simplify the user experience for exploring facility services and courses
  • Create a streamlined UX design for the new website
  • Provide front-end and back-end development in Drupal CMS
  • Integrate multi-language support for global audiences

Increase in Ranked Keywords


Avg Time on Site


Clinical Registrations

UI/UX Design

Our team worked together to create a slick, modern website that’s easily accessible on any device. We strived for a balance of clean design and convenient features to provide an unforgettable user experience. Our mobile-responsive, innovative design helped to ensure the website is as friendly and approachable as the Nicholson Center staff themselves​.

UI/UX Design

Clinical Course Reservation Funnel

Recognizing the crucial need for a seamless and efficient reservation system to book AdventHealth Nicholson Center’s many clinical courses, we set out to optimize their online registration process. An ACS-accredited education institute, Nicholson Center offers a range of fully CME-accredited training courses, making it necessary to have a booking system that can handle a high volume of reservations while maintaining accuracy, efficiency and reliability​​. Our team integrated a robust registration funnel into the website, which not only streamlined the enrollment process for users but also automated the necessary paperwork for CME credit, significantly reducing time-consuming administrative burdens for both attendees and staff.

National SEO

National SEO

We also employed key SEO strategies to improve the Nicholson Center’s organic search rankings on a national scale. By focusing on target keywords like “cadaver tissue” and “training labs,” we helped optimize their website’s content to draw in more relevant traffic. This strategic keyword optimization, combined with other best practices, helped improve visibility and attract more qualified leads to their clinical courses from search engine results pages.

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