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The Challenge

Audio Visual Nation aimed to increase their brand awareness and generate higher quality leads. They needed a significant boost in overall traffic and impressions on the SERPs to attract top-tier clients from various industries.

The Approach

  • Detailed Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing website to identify areas for improvement in SEO, content, and user experience.
  • Content Strategy: Developed a robust content plan, including 9 new blogs and 3 case studies, focusing on industry-relevant topics and incorporating E.E.A.T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) content throughout the website.
  • Location Pages: Added 57 new location-specific pages targeting geo-specific keywords to enhance local search visibility.
  • User Experience Optimization: Improved user experience with strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) and optimized forms for lead quality and ease of use.
  • Internal Linking Strategy: Implemented a strategic internal linking plan to enhance site navigation and boost SEO performance.

Increase in Organic Clicks


Increase in Organic Impressions


Increase in Key Conversions

Content Strategy

We started by developing a comprehensive content plan, which included creating 9 new blogs and 3 detailed case studies focused on industry-relevant topics. This content was carefully crafted to incorporate E.E.A.T principles, enhancing the website’s credibility and authority. By addressing key pain points and interests of the target audience, we ensured the content was both engaging and informative, leading to improved user engagement and SEO performance.

User Experience Enhancements

To improve user experience, we added strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the website to guide users toward key actions, such as requesting a crew or booking services. We also optimized forms to ensure they were easy to use and designed to capture high-quality leads. Additionally, we implemented a robust internal linking strategy to enhance site navigation, making it easier for users to find relevant information and for search engines to crawl the site more effectively.

Local SEO Optimization

Recognizing the importance of local search visibility, we created 42 new location-specific pages targeting geo-specific keywords. This strategy not only helped in drawing more localized traffic but also improved the overall SEO performance of the website. By focusing on location-based keywords and optimizing these pages with relevant content and metadata, we significantly boosted the website’s rankings in local search results, leading to increased organic traffic and higher conversion rates.

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