Eli Bar-Din

Senior Paid Social Manager

Eli Bar-Din, our Senior Paid Social Manager, oversees and strategizes our paid social media campaigns across major platforms like Meta and Tiktok. Leading a team of paid social marketing professionals, his main focus is on innovation, understanding market trends and consumer behavior, to drive revenue growth, and scale eCommerce brands effectively.



Strategic Media Buying

Cost-Efficient Customer Acquisition

Leadership and Team Development

Industry Trend Analysis

Marketing Automation

Performance Analytics and Optimization

About Me

With a robust foundation in Meta & Tiktok media buying and a track record of handling over $20 million in ad spend,  Eli is a seasoned Senior Paid Social Manager.  Over the past five years, Eli honed his digital marketing expertise, specializing in eCommerce strategy and in scaling eCommerce brands across three diverse markets. Currently, managing and supervising monthly media expenditures exceeding millions of dollars per month, fostering the growth of multiple eCommerce brands that consistently hit 7 and 8-figure revenues.

His entrepreneurial mindset is at the core of his approach, allowing Eli to not only meet but exceed the ambitious goals set by the brands he works with. Eli brings a strategic vision combined with practical, results-driven solutions to the table.

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