Jeffrey Herzog

Chairman & CEO

Our Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Herzog, is a digital visionary with a career spanning over three decades in the marketing industry. His pioneering efforts in digital marketing and PR have been instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of Avenue Z.

Under his guidance, the company promotes a culture of innovation and vibrant energy, focusing on driving influence and results for the world’s fastest-growing brands.

Jeff Herzog


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About Me

Jeffrey Herzog’s journey began with his first startup, iCrossing, which he grew into a global leader in digital marketing with over $140M in annual net revenue, culminating in its acquisition by Hearst Magazines.

Following iCrossing, Herzog founded ZOG Digital, which quickly became a notable force in content marketing before its acquisition by Investis in 2018. Today, under his guidance, Avenue Z has flourished, extending its footprint across Miami, Orlando, NYC, and Boston, serving clients like Adobe Systems, Coca-Cola, and Verizon. Herzog has been honored with numerous awards, including New York’s Innovator of the Year and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, reflecting his monumental contributions to the field.

His passion for health, wellness, and technology drives his current focus, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for success and innovation in modern marketing.

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