Keyshawna Johnson

Manager, Email / SMS

As the Manager of Email and SMS Marketing, Keyshawna focuses on enriching client relationships through strategic Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) retention campaigns. With over five years of expertise, she specializes in creating tailored, data-driven communication that resonates directly with clients’ customers. Her approach is centered around understanding client needs and developing email and SMS strategies that not only engage but also build lasting loyalty.


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In her role, Keyshawna employs a client-centric methodology, utilizing detailed analytics to tailor each campaign to the specific demographics and behaviors of the customers. Her proactive engagement strategies ensure that clients consistently deliver relevant and compelling messages, optimizing each touchpoint in the customer journey. By focusing on innovative solutions and continuous improvement, Keyshawna helps clients achieve significant gains in customer retention and overall satisfaction, driving measurable growth and success in their marketing efforts.

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