Libbie Wilcox

Director, Public Relations

Libbie Wilcox, Director, Public Relations at Avenue Z, brings a fresh perspective to the intersection of technology and private capital, having transitioned from a high-stakes role in governmental communications to leading public relations in the dynamic tech sector.


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About Me

Starting in the fast-paced world of Capitol Hill, Libbie played a pivotal role in managing communications for critical events, including impeachment hearings, COVID-19 emergency responses, and national crises. Her decision to leverage this experience in the private sector showcases her adaptability and keen strategic mind.

At Avenue Z, Libbie finds energy in the entrepreneurial spirit of the tech and private capital industries, where she contributes to shaping the narratives of innovating firms navigating today’s challenges. As she looks to the future of the industry, she emphasizes the need for robust strategic communications amidst current challenges.

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