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Proprietary tech, partnerships and AI tools that accelerate insights and action for content, conversion, and commerce.


At Avenue Z, we’ve created and curated a suite of tech and tools that enable our service teams to find insights, develop strategies, and optimize operations for our clients in record time. From conversion to commerce, content performance and brand awareness, our tools are built to accelerate growth, regardless of the industry, sector or end goal.

Convergence Dashboard

One all-encompassing solution for real-time insights into business performance, profitability, and marketing effectiveness across various channels. Our Convergence Dashboard eliminates the process of manual data analysis with third-party data integration from platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Google Analytics into a user-friendly visualization interface . This powerful tool streamlines data analysis and enhances decision-making, enabling marketing teams to devise and implement strategies with unprecedented precision and speed. An indispensable co-pilot for marketing professionals, this tool redefines the way marketing data is analyzed and utilized for strategic advantage.

“This dashboard utilizes some of the most advanced tools and tactics available with an integrated, modeled data set that paints a clear picture of the entire digital commerce ecosystem. I can’t imagine being a marketer without it.”

— Jon Snow, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Avenue Z

Ecommerce App
Integration & Strategy

Optimize your ecommerce tech ecosystem and enhance performance with our expert tech implementation services, and strategic partnerships with over 30 top-tier applications.

As a certified Shopify Plus Partner, we also work with global brands to design, develop, and grow Shopify sites, and support those brands through a strategic mix of digital strategy and marketing technology.

Tapping into the full potential of your digital ecosystem starts with exploring what’s possible. With digital experts fluent in over 30 ecommerce apps and platforms, we can enhance your current setup with features that help you accomplish any range of goals.

Funnel GPT

AI is revolutionizing our approach to online engagement and conversion strategies, that why we’ve developed  our own funnel generator with Funnel GPT.  Get access to the tool, or watch our webinar that reveals how to elevate website success through an innovative blend of AI technologies, aligned with proven funnel marketing principles.

Meet our team of AI Experts

Johnny Hughes
Tina Fleming
Jon Snow
Funnel GPT johnny hughes

This tool is essential for digital marketing innovators and business leaders responsible for driving growth for their organizations through innovative AI-driven strategies.

— Johnny Hughes, Founder & Chief Digital Officer at Avenue Z

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Digital Marketing

With a strategic plan in place, our expert team will work with you to outline your goals and bring your campaigns to life.

Performance Media

Our proprietary tech solutions analyze data across all media channels to gain unique insights to supercharge your campaigns.

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Gain exposure and activate messages across all media and channels through an integrated strategy aligned to your business.

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