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Ivan Kan
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Ivan Kan


Ivan Kan is a web3 innovator, investor, speaker, and podcast host with one of the largest networks of influencers and key opinion leaders in the Web3 and Web2 industry. He combines technology expertise with digital marketing strategies, having launched several companies including a medical breach detection software using AI and neural networks to learn staff behavior patterns to predict anomalies used today by hospitals and practices in the US.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining Avenue Z, Ivan was the Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdcreate, one of the leading Growth Marketing agencies ranked by Forbes, CoinBureau, and others. He launched and scaled projects from startup to enterprise attributing over $250 million in funding and sales for clients like Anker, Xioami, Renault, Solana, Sandbox, and TP-Link. A specialist in developing strategic content and publicity, he is also an active investor in early-stage companies focusing on Web3 and disruptive technologies.

Where I Help Clients Succeed

  1. Strategic Engagement Drivers: Crafting impactful influencer and brand ambassador strategies to ignite audience engagement.
  2. Podcast Wisdom Sharing: Delve into the minds of growth leaders who’ve conquered challenges on The Mastering Growth podcast.
  3. Tech Integration for Everyday Business: Infusing everyday businesses with the power of disruptive technologies like Web3.
  4. Web3 Leadership and Advocacy: Pioneering Web3 communities and championing widespread adoption in the mass market.
  5. Investor Relations for Project Success: Orchestrating connections to secure funding and strategic partnerships, ensuring project prosperity.

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