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Unlock your own strategic advantage with our data analytics services, a unified combination of our channel experts and custom Convergence Dashboard implementation. We offer comprehensive data integration and dashboard construction services tailored to meet diverse needs and seamlessly integrate third-party accounts like Shopify, Google Ads, and TikTok, to enhance your data insights. Our channel experts are adept at tailoring these integrations, from setup to management, enhancing overall marketing and commerce effectiveness, leveraging real-time data for continuous strategy validation or refinement.

Our data analytics services include the creation of both single and multi-brand dashboards, offering executive and detailed views that allow for strategic analysis of marketing, site performance, and customer behavior across different brands. Each dashboard provides an executive summary, detailed marketing and acquisition insights, and in-depth analyses of store performance to optimize your business strategies.

Analytics Experts

Data Analytics Channel Experts

At Avenue Z, we bring together a powerhouse of strategic thinkers and industry leaders that can turn data analytics into actionable marketing and eCommerce strategies.

Data Analytics Thought Leaders

Tina Fleming

Data Analytics Intelligence: The Convergence Dashboard

One all-encompassing solution for real-time insights into business performance, profitability, and marketing effectiveness across various channels. The Avenue Z Convergence Dashboard takes the process of manual data analysis with third-party data integration from platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Google Analytics into Looker Studio, a user-friendly visualization interface. 

From commerce to conversion metrics, this powerful tool streamlines data analysis and enhances decision-making, enabling marketing teams to devise and implement strategies with unprecedented precision and speed. An indispensable co-pilot for marketing professionals, this tool redefines the way marketing data is analyzed and utilized for strategic advantage.

Insights u0026 Optimizations On Winning Creatives

Data Analytics Access, Insights, Action

Our channel experts work with you to implement The Convergence Dashboard and customize based on your needs, alignment with your strategic vision, or key areas of optimization. They support our data analytics offering through the entire process:

  • Data Source Integration
    We integrate a variety of third-party accounts such as Shopify, Google Ads, Google Analytics, TikTok, Meta, Klaviyo, and Recharge, facilitating comprehensive data access and management. This streamlines operations and enhances data-driven decision-making across multiple platforms.
  • Dashboard Build-Out
    We craft customized dashboards tailored to both single and multi-brand operations, providing brand-specific insights and executive overviews. These dashboards offer comprehensive views for each brand individually, as well as comparative metrics across multiple brands, enabling deep analytical dives and strategic oversight.
  • Custom Views Set Up
    We tailor custom views based on your business, strategy or needs. Example views include the Executive Summary, which highlights trends and discrepancies across crucial business areas like orders, website activity, and marketing performance. Marketing & Acquisition and Deep Dive Analysis views, focus on channel effectiveness, creative performance, and in-depth evaluations of store operations and customer behavior.

Powering Data Analytics for Global Brands

eCommerce Revenue Generated

Unified Metrics Across Top Data Partners

With the Convergence Dashboard, we enhance operations by integrating your top business intelligence tools, and pulling out key metrics, for more efficient data analysis and insights. View business performance and profitability side-by-side with paid media performance, contribution margin, media mix, cohort analyses and sales channel performance, all in one place.

From Amazon to Shopify, Meta to TikTok, AdWords to Analytics, The Convergence Dashboard pulls in key metrics from all of the top data providers that help you run your business.Whether you’re driving commerce or conversion, or looking to see a lift in connections and comms, the dashboard is customized to your specific data movement, transformation and activation needs.

Top Dashboard Views

Performance Highlights

View gross revenue, net revenue, ad spend, contribution margin, and cost per acquisition (CPA) for performance analysis. Interactively explore these metrics across various time frames, such as month-to-date and year-to-date comparisons, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of business trends and financial health.

Orders Performance

View new and repeat customer orders, revenue, cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per order (CPO) and average order value (AOV). Analyze month-to-date and year-over-year comparisons, highlighting significant increases in customer acquisition, repeat business, advertising efficiency and overall financial performance.

Cart Performance

Monitor cart performance metrics like conversion rate, sessions, add-to-cart rate, and checkout initiation. Compare these metrics month-to-month or year-over-year to identify trends or anomalies, aiding in performance evaluation, strategic adjustments, understanding seasonal variations and optimizing website efficiency over time.

Business Performance

Track new versus returning customer orders and their revenue impact, viewing daily, weekly or monthly intervals for trend analysis and strategic decision-making. Examine detailed metrics like daily net revenue, average order value (AOV), and cost per order (CPO), providing valuable insights into customer value and subscription dynamics.

Retention & LTV

View retention and customer lifetime value (LTV), crucial for measuring long-term brand health. Explore detailed analysis of LTV across different customer segments like subscription versus one-time purchases, tracking LTV by acquisition source and campaign type over various time frames to refine marketing strategies and optimizing customer acquisition costs (CAC) based on real data.

Marketing Performance

Explore media mix across various channels like Meta, Google, and TikTok and analyze campaign tactics by channel, like prospecting, retargeting, retention, by campaign type and spend distribution. View daily, weekly, and monthly media mix and spend intervals, helping to optimize marketing strategies and ad spending effectively.

Site Performance

View detailed web analytics to analyze conversion rates and user engagement across different traffic sources like Facebook and paid search. Drill down into demographics, regions, and specific page performance, offering insights into user behavior and effectiveness of various marketing channels.

Creative Performance

Filter and analyze ad performance based on various criteria such as ad platform, ad type, and destination type. View the distribution of media budgets across different ad formats, track key performance indicators (KPIs) like return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition (CPA), and see detailed metrics and previews of individual ads to understand what creatives are performing well across platforms.

Marketing Channels

Filter Meta data by campaign tactic, type, audience, and destination with a detailed look at key metrics like ad spend, platform revenue, return on ad spend (ROAS), average order value (AOV), cost per order (CPO), and cost per acquisition (CPA) across various time frames to identify trends and optimize marketing strategies by comparing performance across different campaign types and time periods.

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