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april is the first AI-powered tax system embedded within banks, creditors, payroll providers, and tech platforms to help Americans file, estimate, and optimize their taxes year-round.

The Challenge

april faced the monumental task of distinguishing itself as the pioneer AI-powered tax system, poised to revolutionize the outdated tax industry. The mission was two-fold: to reframe the tax filing experience into one that is fundamentally consumer-centric, achieved through strategic partnerships with banks, creditors, payroll services, fintech, HR tech, and e-commerce platforms, and to elevate the brand to a position of notable prominence within these sectors.

Concurrently, there was a critical need to bolster april’s lead generation efforts, ensuring the seamless integration of its cutting-edge technology across these varied platforms. Furthermore, a significant challenge lay in spotlighting the founder’s deep technical acumen and expertise in AI, establishing them as leading authorities and thought leaders within the rapidly evolving tech landscape. This multifaceted challenge required a nuanced approach, not just in technological innovation but in strategic communication and brand positioning to truly transform April into a trailblazer of the tax industry.

The Results

  • Before working with Avenue Z, april had very limited brand recognition, and despite already being in market, the company had never officially announced its launch.
  • Since partnering with us, april is dominating its position as the pioneer AI-powered tax system.
  • april has been featured in Axios, Forbes, Fox Business, American Banker, and many others.
  • The brand also received widespread recognition winning major awards, most notably being named as one of Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas.

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