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Better is a digital-first homeownership company that has financed approximately $100B in home loans.

The Challenge

In the wake of challenges, Better found itself at a crucial turning point. The company was determined to revitalize its image and strengthen its position in the market. The primary goal was to shift the narrative towards a renewed vision of the company’s core values and objectives.

Key to overcoming these challenges was the task of generating positive news coverage around significant company milestones. Better aimed to re-establish its brand as a leading, consumer-first service in the industry. The objective was clear: to not just recover but to emerge stronger, demonstrating through action and communication that Better was committed to excellence, innovation, and most importantly, its customers. This required a strategic, multifaceted approach to media engagement and storytelling, one that would convincingly convey Better’s dedication to its mission and its stakeholders.

The Approach

  • Within three months, Better received positive coverage in top-tier outlets such as Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Bloomberg TV, highlighting its key milestones.
  • The successful PR launches of Better’s One Day Mortgage and Equity Unlocker products resulted in 30+ articles in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Business Insider, and Fortune.
  • A PR milestone was achieved with over 20 articles and 600 media mentions in just three days, focusing on the innovative Equity Unlocker, notably covered in The Wall Street Journal.
  • The media rollout of Better’s IPO in August 2023 led to over 20 pieces of positive coverage in key financial outlets and five broadcast appearances on platforms like CNBC Squawk Box and Fox Business.

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