Driving Revenue Growth for an Enterprise Fashion Brand





This renowned fashion brand is celebrated for its trendsetting designs and accessible fashion, consistently pushing the boundaries of style and affordability.

In just 6 months, we generated $12M in incremental revenue.


Saved on Ad Spend


Added in Incremental Revenue


Total Business Impact

The Challenge

Despite a strong brand presence and  loyal customer base, this brand faced challenges in increasing revenue without escalating advertising costs. It has millions of customers and it’s new customer acquisition growth had stalled. Returning purchases was driving all growth. They were spending a majority of their paid media budget on existing customers which showed to have diminishing returns. The brand had archaic media buying practices and needed a more robust strategy to focus on new customer acquisition and efficient growth.

The Approach

  • Challenge and Strategy: After observing limited success with conventional marketing methods, we pivoted to a performance media approach. Our strategy centered on modern media buying practices through account consolidation and organization, proper audience segmentation, and creative copy & ad testing.
  • Collaboration for Content: We partnered closely with the brand to implement four collection-specific strategies. By introducing creative diversity, we strategically incorporated a variety of creative styles including images, dynamic catalogs, meme/lifestyle content, user-generated content (UGC), collection ads, and partnership ads.
  • Results and Optimization: This comprehensive approach enabled us to maintain consistent cost-per-click (CPC) rates while significantly decreasing CPA by 61%. Through rigorous testing and optimization, we increased website sessions and, consequently, sales. Our efforts resulted in a remarkable 47% year-over-year increase in ROAS, highlighting a substantial improvement in overall performance.

Our Process

Implementing Modern Media Buying Practices

We consolidated and organized ad accounts, ensuring efficient management and effective audience segmentation. This strategic approach went beyond simple retargeting and retention, making a powerful impact on the business and its bottom line.

Structured and Augmented Creative Testing Process

We introduced diverse creative formats, including images, dynamic catalogs, memes, lifestyle content, and UGC. By auditing data on ad copy and creative performance, we identified high-performing formats and messages. This testing allowed us to create winning ads that resonated with the target audience, boosting conversions and revenue.

Eliminated Wasted Ad Spend

We segmented users into 3 buckets: prospects who were not yet in the funnel, prospects who were already in the funnel, and existing customers. We diverted more spend towards acquiring new customers, reduced audience overlap across campaigns, and cut spend that was not driving incremental revenue to the business. We reduced ad spend by $1M over the course of 6 months and were still able to double new customer acquisition and increase revenue by $12M.

Emphasized Diverse Catalog Creative

We developed and implemented four collection-specific strategies that highlighted the unique aspects of each collection. This focused approach helped drive interest and sales for new releases, further contributing to the brand’s overall revenue growth.

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