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TWICE is an oral wellness brand that offers a line of science-backed products. They needed help establishing themselves through paid media as an emerging wellness brand.

In Four Months, We Boosted TWICE’s Store Revenue By 174% And Cut CPA by 36%


Increase In Online Store Revenue


Increase In Facebook ROAS


Increase In Website Conversion Rate

The Challenge

Before partnering with Avenue Z, TWICE faced a significant challenge in identifying their hero product, which in turn made it difficult for the brand to pinpoint their target customer persona and understand their purchase motivations. As a result, the brand faced both high cost per mille (CPM) and high cost per purchase, which hindered their efforts to grow their customer base. Additionally, while their initial content strategy had generated HQ creative assets for their product line, they lacked sufficient materials to effectively target new customers or reliably convert existing ones. These obstacles had left TWICE searching for a digital marketing partner who could help them overcome these barriers and take their business to the next level.

The Approach

To begin our digital marketing strategy, we took the crucial step of identifying the singular product with the highest potential for success. This allowed us to focus our efforts on a specific audience with a proven interest in the product, optimizing our chances of achieving profitable results. We then conducted extensive experiments with various content angles to identify the most effective approach, with the ultimate goal of reducing friction and optimizing the user journey. To ensure a comprehensive approach, we conducted both macro and granular creative tests, enabling us to optimize the onsite user experience and achieve superior results across every stage of the customer journey.

Our Process

Develop Winning Customer Personas

To start, we conducted extensive research into TWICE’s ad spend history, customer feedback, website reviews, and social media comments. This allowed us to create and split-test various customer profiles, enabling us to determine their core demographic and establish what ultimately drove purchases for their audience. We then conducted further market research to learn how that audience felt about the products, their problems, their objections, and what they wanted to see in a solution. This intimate understanding of the audience’s values, pain points, and motivations enabled us to create a content strategy that resonated with TWICE’s customers and drove more conversions. This deep understanding of TWICE’s audience also shaped their brand voice and messaging, unlocking TWICE’s potential as a leading oral wellness brand and opening the door for sustainable, reliable growth.

Enhance Creative Strategies

We focused on enhancing TWICE’s creative strategies by positioning their products as the answer to their demographic’s biggest pain points. We created ad templates of user-generated content representing their target customer base that highlighted the products’ unique value propositions. We also tested a variety of ad creative formats to identify ads that customers actually wanted to see and engage with. This led us to use a series of compelling and informative ad creatives aligned with the brand’s voice that illustrated the product’s most compelling benefits.

Construct A Cohesive Customer Journey

In order to scale their brand, TWICE needed a holistic content strategy that engaged their core demographic in an authentic way. By unifying their creative assets, ad copy, and landing pages, we created a holistic content strategy that engaged their core demographic in an authentic way. This change dramatically improved paid media performance and drove additional conversions in new and previously untested verticals.

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