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Klora is a gut-health supplement brand revolutionizing the wellness industry by optimizing the integration of the gut-mind-body axis.

In Just 2 Months, We Helped Klora Increase Return On Ad Spend by 150% through Performance PR Marketing


Increase in ROAS


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPA

The Challenge

As a new brand looking to solidify itself in the wellness space, Klora was having difficulty maintaining high click-through rates and affordable cost-per-clicks. Initially, the brand implemented a marketing strategy driven by user-generated content but the high cost per mille resulted in unsustainable advertising costs. Klora needed a new, more cost-effective marketing strategy that could be scaled as the brand gained more attention.

The Approach

  • Challenge and Strategy: After limited success with traditional direct-to-consumer marketing methods, we shifted to a Performance PR approach, focusing on advertorial-style landing pages to engage Klora’s audience more effectively.
  • Collaboration for Content: Klora partnered with us to identify UGC creators. Together, we produced content that matched the tone and style of advertorial landing pages hosted on Avenue Z’s media publisher websites, not on Klora’s own page.
  • Results and Optimization: This innovative approach reduced ad fatigue and costs while increasing click-through rates. Through rigorous testing, we discovered creative formats that significantly outperformed Klora’s initial strategy, marking a notable improvement in performance.

Our Process

Leverage Advertorials

We began testing different forms of blog-style articles on one of our media publisher websites, The Daily Post, to develop Klora’s audience. To solidify Klora as a leading brand in the wellness space, we leveraged “Top 5” comparison articles that demonstrated how Klora stacks up against well-known brands in the industry. As a result, readers began to associate Klora with other major supplement brands and as they learned more, began to switch to Klora’s more innovative supplement.

Creative Testing

Once Klora’s name was out on the market, we tested additional formats that included images, animations, videos, and Tiktok organic content that helped boost conversions. Additionally, we audited the data on Klora’s ad copy and discovered that copy with strong and relatable statistics regarding gut health has piqued the highest interest among its audience. By combining winning creative formats with the right ad copy variations, we were able to start scaling ads and take Klora to the next level.

Implementing Personal, Limited-Time Offers

By using blog-style articles. Klora was able to push site-wide promotions while maintaining cheaper advertising costs. Readers were allowed to get discounted prices on their first-month subscription, while using the first-person technique flattered customers with special and personalized access to savings. This authentic strategy helped establish personal client relationships shortly after Klora’s launch. Meanwhile, adding limited-time offers at the end of articles helped drive conversions by implementing a sense of urgency.

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