Makeup Brand – NDA




75X uplift in GMV within 90 days of launch


Uplift in GMV


Increase in CTR

The Goal

A DTC makeup brand had a goal to diversify revenue steams by building a new distribution channel via TikTok Shop and to supercharge sales via a targeted content strategy.

Our Results

Our strategic efforts resulted in a 75x uplift in GMV and 120% increase in CTR for the makeup brand.

Our Approach

Leverage Trends

We identified trending sounds, challenges, and hashtags relevant to the beauty community and seamlessly integrated them into our content. This gave our videos a viral edge, attracting new viewers while staying true to our brand identity.

Educational Content

We created engaging, educational videos that not only demonstrated product benefits but also entertained viewers.

Product Tags

We leveraged TikTok Shop features like product tags, allowing viewers to instantly purchase the exact products used in the videos. This seamless shopping experience converted viewers into paying customers with a single tap.

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