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Saranghae is a women’s skincare brand inspired by the magic and simplicity of Korean skincare rituals. Through its innovative offerings with powerful, exclusive ingredients and proven effectiveness, Saranghae has disrupted the world of K-beauty with its user-friendly, yet incredibly luxe products.

In 60 days, We Increased Saranghae’s Sign-Up Conversion Rates, Abandoned Cart Conversions and Revenue


Increase in SMS Sign Up Conversions


Increase in Abandoned Cart Conversion Rate


Increase in Abandoned Cart Revenue

The Challenge

Saranghae was facing a challenge increasing its number of sign-ups for email and SMS. Its sign-up units required customers to input both their email and phone number, frustrating customers who were unhappy that they didn’t have an option to opt-out of SMS. This resulted in customer complaints, uncompleted sign-ups, and canceled subscriptions. Additionally, Saranghae wanted to improve its conversion rates and revenue from customers who had abandoned their carts.

The Approach

To overcome these challenges, Avenue Z updated and optimized Saranghae’s sign-up units for email and SMS as well as their SMS welcome and abandoned cart journeys. Our goals were to increase sign-ups, incentivize customers to opt-in, and improve Saranghae’s conversion rates and revenue. With our help, Saranghae boosted its sign-up conversions by 15.27%, its abandoned cart click rate by 65%, abandoned cart conversion rate by 172% and its abandoned cart revenue by 332%.

Our Process

Optimized All Sign-Up Units

We first optimized the SMS portion of Saranghae’s sign-up units to effectively incentivize customers to subscribe to SMS. Customers were given the option to opt-in to SMS or not, eliminating frustration and improving sign-up conversions by 15.27%.

Updated Deals and Offers in Sign-Up Units and SMS Message Journeys

We removed the discount offer in the sign-up units and featured an incentive instead that offered subscribers early access to future holiday deals and updates. This added incentive resulted in a 15.27% increase in sign-ups. We further encouraged Saranghae’s customers to convert with an additional site-wide offer to all SMS subscribers throughout the holidays season. Customers who purchased a bundle received a free gift, further boosting abandoned cart conversion rates by 172% and abandoned cart revenue by 332%.

Updated Messaging in Sign-Up Units, Welcome and Abandoned Cart Journeys

To generate excitement for SMS subscribers during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we incorporated holiday themes into Saranghae’s sign-up units, welcome and abandoned cart journeys. We also encouraged customers to add Saranghae as a contact to avoid iOS text blocking. In addition, we refreshed the design and updated the copy and visual elements of the sign-up units and journeys to better reflect Saranghae’s brand identity.

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