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Primetime Partners is an early-stage healthcare-focused venture capital fund that invests in and builds from the ground up, companies that can transform the quality of living for older adults. The firm aims to unlock the talent and expertise of experienced older adults as founders and business builders.

The Challenge

Primetime Partners faced the intricate task of crafting and establishing its media profile in a landscape teeming with competitors and noise. Central to this challenge was the strategic leveraging of Alan Patricof’s well-established influence while simultaneously elevating Abby Levy’s visibility and positioning her as the firm’s primary spokesperson. Achieving a balanced representation required a nuanced approach, ensuring both founders’ expertise and contributions were harmoniously highlighted to reflect the collaborative spirit and vision of the firm.

Additionally, there was an imperative need to generate compelling press coverage around the launch of Primetime Partners. This coverage needed not only to spark interest but also to cultivate support from a diverse audience, including potential investors, founders, CEOs, and key stakeholders within the healthcare sector. The firm’s entry into the market demanded a strategic narrative that communicated its unique value proposition and vision, aiming to resonate deeply with its target demographic and establish Primetime Partners as a pivotal player in the investment community.

The Results

  • Avenue Z launched Primetime Partners in the summer of 2020 with a profile in Wall Street Journal Magazine and an exclusive in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine.
  • Within three months, we secured in-depth press coverage in top-tier business, health, and finance publications including Fortune, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, and others.
  • Avenue Z has secured broadcast opportunities for Alan on Bloomberg TV, CNN Business, CNBC, Cheddar, and other outlets.

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