Launching the First AI-Powered Tax System


april helps Americans file, estimate and optimize their taxes by embedding AI-powered tax experiences anywhere they make financial decisions. april partners with banks, creditors, payroll providers and other fintechs to bring their customers tax insights and actions year-round, so when filing season comes around there are no surprises.


  • Position april as the go-to tax partner for fintech platforms seeking to consolidate all aspects of the financial experience for their customers.
  • Build brand notability and support april’s customer acquisition efforts to embedd its technology across a broad spectrum of consumer-facing payroll, fintech, banking, and HR platforms.
  • Leverage developments like the mass appeal of AI/ML technology to position april’s Co-Founders as AI experts and thought leaders in a growing industry.

The Result

Positioned As the Go-To Tax Partner
Before joining forces, April’s recognition was primarily confined to the firm’s 2022 funding round. However, their collaboration with Avenue Z has ushered in a remarkable transformation. April’s profile is now featured in prominent tech, business, and lifestyle publications, including Axios, American Banker, Forbes, and Fox Business. Additionally, the brand has achieved substantial acclaim by securing prestigious industry awards, such as Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and Fintech Breakthrough’s Best Consumer Tax Software, cementing their newfound prominence in the industry.

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