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NightWise®, launched to transform the sleep industry, is dedicated to enhancing overall well-being by empowering everyone from athletes to parents through products designed with Intelligent Release Technology™ that facilitate quicker sleep onset, maintain uninterrupted sleep, and improve sleep duration by tailoring to the body’s natural rhythms.

In less than one year, our strategic influencer marketing campaign significantly boosted NightWise®’s growth, utilizing paid and organic social media tactics to establish its foothold in the sleep wellness industry.


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The Challenge

Facing the challenge of launching into the competitive sleep wellness market,
NightWise® embarked on its journey without any pre-existing content or prior
marketing insights. This initial phase presented a unique set of hurdles, including the need to rapidly establish a brand presence and discern effective marketing strategies from the ground up.

The Approach

Embracing a nuanced approach, NightWise® harnessed the power of user
generated content (UGC), strategically targeting varied demographics with a keen initial focus on athletes. This strategy evolved to encompass parents and older adults, showcasing the profound impact of their product through genuine narratives and endorsements online.


Elevating Sleep Wellness Through UGC Targeted At 3 Unique Personas

Athletes and Personal Trainers

We focused on partnering with athletes and personal trainers, emphasizing
sleeps crucial role in recovery and performance enhancement. By
collaborating with fitness influencers, they highlighted how better sleep leads
to improved physical abilities and training outcomes.

Parents with Young Children

Understanding the sleep challenges parents face, we partnered with
influencers who demonstrated how NightWise® transforms the sleep quality
of both parents and their young children, leading to happier and more
energetic family mornings.

Adults Aged 45+

In addressing sleep disruptions common in individuals over 45, our UGC
campaign spotlighted how NightWise® enhances health, vitality and well
being by promoting better sleep patterns for more restorative rest. Through
authentic video content, we showcased NightWise® s role in supporting
continuous wellness.

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