Dashboard Deep Dive: Marketing Performance

Take a tour through our Convergence Dashboard as we cover Business Performance, Retention and LTV views and metrics.

When optimizing marketing performance, the ability to dissect and utilize data effectively can drastically enhance campaign performance and ROI. That’s where our Convergence Dashboard comes in to support. In the videos below, I guide you through our Marketing & Advertising views, then dive into creative performance, and channel-specific performance.

Marketing & Advertising Dashboard View

In this video, I’ll guide you through the Marketing and Acquisition section of our dashboard, specifically focusing on our Marketing Performance Overview.

A Holistic View of Media Mix Across All Channels

We begin by examining the media mix across all paid channels, including major players like Meta, Google, and TikTok. This overview allows us to assess our advertising efforts holistically or to drill down into specific platforms. For instance, selecting “Meta” updates the view to show only Meta campaigns, breaking down the spend into various tactics like prospecting (57%), advantage plus shopping (32%), retargeting (10%), and a small portion on retention.

Drill Down into Specific Campaign Tactics

Further granularity is possible by filtering for specific campaign types. Whether you’re interested in comparing prospecting efforts across all platforms or focusing solely on TikTok, our dashboard updates to reflect your choices, providing a tailored analytical experience. This detailed breakdown shows how our dummy data allocates 68% to Meta, 27% to Google, and 5% to TikTok, with options to view revenue mix or conversion counts further enriching our insights.

Understanding Spend Allocation Across Tactics

The default view often starts with spend analysis, which is critical. Our comprehensive overview combines data from all channels, highlighting that 43% of the budget is dedicated to prospecting. It’s important to note that tactics like Advantage Plus are kept distinct from prospecting due to their dual role in retargeting new and existing customers.

Daily Insights and Tactical Adjustments

Our daily media mix is visually represented in a stacked bar chart, making it easy to spot any shifts that could impact performance, such as a sudden drop in revenue or an unexpected increase in TikTok spend. This immediate visual feedback helps quickly identify and rectify issues.

Cost Efficiency and Optimizing Ad Spend

An interesting aspect of our dashboard is the ability to hover over specific days to see ad spend and cost per order (CPO). For instance, during Christmas, we anticipated a spike in CPO and proactively reduced ad spend by 20-30%, saving significant costs based on historical data.

Strategic Revenue and Ad Spend Correlation

The final sections of our dashboard provide a visual and interactive representation of return on ad spend (ROAS) versus platform revenue. The size of each circle in our plot corresponds to the level of ad spend, helping us identify which campaigns offer the best opportunity for scaling. Despite high ROAS and revenue, branded search campaigns are carefully monitored for diminishing returns.

Real-Time Decision Making with Advanced Filters

Our comprehensive Convergence Dashboard allows you to adjust views from daily to weekly or monthly, and drill down into specific campaign tactics like prospecting, retention, or Advantage Plus. This flexibility ensures that every marketing decision is data-driven, maximizing impact and efficiency.

Creatives Performance

Enhancing Ad Performance with Strategic Creative Insights

Our Creative Performance Dashboard is specifically designed to provide a granular view of how different creatives perform across various platforms and destinations. Let’s dive into how this tool can transform your advertising strategy by offering a detailed analysis of your creative efforts.

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Tailoring Creative Analysis to Specific Needs

Our dashboard allows for extensive customization to focus on what matters most. Whether you’re analyzing video, image, or influencer ads, or assessing the effectiveness of ads directed toward specific destinations like home pages or product pages, our tool adapts to meet your needs. For instance, selecting ads that direct traffic to the home page instantly filters the view to show only those creatives, providing targeted insights into their performance.

Comprehensive Distribution Analysis

The ability to filter by ad type, destination, and page type (such as brand pages, influencer pages, or partnership ads) offers a holistic view of your media spend. Between January 1-10, for example, 60% of the media budget may be allocated to videos, with the remaining spread across images and other formats. This breakdown helps marketers understand where their budget is going and which formats are most heavily utilized.

Real-Time Creative Performance Tracking

A key feature of our dashboard is the day-over-day stacked bar chart, which illustrates how ad spend or creative counts change daily. On a specific day, like January 9, you might discover that 54 different creatives were tested, including 24 videos and 22 images. This level of detail provides a snapshot of creative diversity and testing frequency, enabling marketers to adjust strategies quickly based on real-time data.

ROI and Efficiency Metrics

Further refining the analysis, our dashboard shows return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition (CPA) by ad type and destination. For brands focused on CPA, switching the view to this metric can highlight which creatives and destinations offer the best value for money. This actionable data is crucial for making informed decisions about where to allocate resources for maximum impact.

Visual Previews and Detailed Metrics

If the dashboard were not anonymized, it would include thumbnails of the creatives along with previews from platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This feature, combined with detailed metrics such as ad spend, platform revenue, ROAS, click-through rate, and conversion rate, offers a comprehensive overview that is easily sortable to prioritize high-performing creatives or identify underperformers.

Cross-Platform Synergy and Creative Sharing

An essential aspect of our dashboard is its role in fostering collaboration across different teams. For instance, insights from Meta can inspire the YouTube team about what’s effective, and successful strategies on YouTube can inform Meta campaigns. This cross-pollination of creative ideas enhances overall campaign performance and ensures consistency in messaging across platforms.

Performance View & Data Analysis

Navigating the complexities of paid social on platforms like Meta requires a robust toolkit for analyzing and optimizing campaigns effectively. Our Performance Dashboard is designed to give marketers a comprehensive view of campaign data, enabling strategic decisions that drive better ROI and deeper engagement. Let’s explore how this dashboard transforms raw data into actionable insights.

In this video demo, I focus on Meta, but the same principles apply to our Google Ads and TikTok Ads dashboards. Each platform’s dashboard offers similar filtering capabilities and insights, allowing for a consistent approach to campaign management across different media channels.

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Customizable Data Views for Precise Analysis

The Meta Performance Dashboard starts with a highly customizable interface. You can select specific dates and filter data based on various parameters such as campaign tactic, type, audience, destination, objective, and name. This flexibility allows you to drill down to the finest details—for instance, focusing solely on Campaign Budget Optimization campaigns to see how they adjust to selected filters.

Robust Filtering Capabilities

Thanks to our stringent naming conventions, the data can be sliced in many ways. Whether you’re looking to analyze prospecting efforts, retargeting strategies, or performance across different landing pages like product pages or PR landing pages, the dashboard adjusts to show the relevant data. This allows for a targeted approach to evaluating campaign effectiveness.

Comprehensive Metrics Overview

The dashboard provides a tabular view that displays all critical metrics across different time frames—yesterday, the last 7 days, last 30, and year to date. You can view metrics such as ad spend, platform revenue, return on ad spend (ROAS), average order value (AOV), cost per order (CPO), cost per acquisition (CPA), click-through rate (CTR), and cost per mille (CPM). It also shows how these metrics compare with previous periods, offering a quick way to spot trends and adjust strategies accordingly.

Visual Insights with Pie Charts and Bar Graphs

Visual representations like pie charts show the distribution of ad spend across different campaign tactics, providing a clear picture of where resources are being allocated. For instance, you might see that a significant portion of the budget is spent on Campaign Budget Optimization, followed by Shopping and Level Optimization tactics. Additionally, day-over-day views of ad spend, platform revenue, and ROAS help you quickly identify significant fluctuations, such as a dip in ROAS during Christmas when ad spend was strategically lowered.

Focused Analysis on Cost and Revenue Metrics

In an era where traditional metrics like ROAS can become less relevant, our dashboard emphasizes more meaningful measures such as cost per order and AOV. This view is crucial for brands that prioritize customer lifetime value and payback periods over immediate returns. The dashboard also includes a website performance view, showing how conversion rates change, particularly during significant events like Christmas, to better understand consumer behavior during these times.

Comprehensive Campaign Overview

The dashboard not only allows for a detailed day-over-day analysis but also provides a holistic view of various campaign types. Whether you’re examining prospecting, retargeting, or retention, each section is equipped to offer insights into ad spend and performance trends over different periods—daily, weekly, and monthly.

Never Miss a Chance to Get Ahead

The Convergence Dashboard solves common challenges in creative reporting and ensures that every member of the marketing team, regardless of their platform focus, has access to crucial data. This integration not only streamlines workflow but also enhances the strategic deployment of creatives across channels, leading to better performance and more profound market impact.

Remember, leveraging detailed creative analytics is not just about understanding what is working—it’s about dynamically adapting to ensure continuous improvement and success in your marketing endeavors.

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