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Our Strategy

At Avenue Z, we specialize in Convergence Media – mixing traditional tactics in non-traditional means, that creates above-average results. When tactics and channels converge in this way, convergence points are created and higher performance is achieved, driving business growth and influence.

From placements in the Wall Street Journal to TikTok, we work with fast-growing brands to build category leadership through the convergence of our tech-enabled services: PR & communications, performance media and digital marketing.

Our Strategy
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High-Impact PR + Performance Media

Today, effective public relations is more than press releases and media pitching. Our team combines creative storytelling and data-driven strategies to deliver impactful campaigns that amplify PR efforts beyond traditional reach. 

Transforming brand narratives into performance creative, this approach delivers content on platforms like Meta and YouTube that captivates audiences. Leveraging striking product photography supports PR-focused narratives, showcasing brands and providing audiences with a vivid insight into what is offered, all through a single, impactful strategy.

Maximizing media opportunities involves running them effectively to enhance their conversion potential through performance media. Simultaneously employing optimized digital press releases, influencer partnerships, and social ad campaigns ensures that key messages reach the right audience at the optimal time, creating a cohesive strategy for impactful communication.

How can Convergence Media Help?

Want to see how well your brand is activating across key convergence channels? Our Media Convergence Report (MCR) analyzes your PR, performance media and digital marketing channels, identifying key convergence points for growth.

Analyze Your Presence Across Digital Channels

The Media Convergence Report is a high-level analysis of a brand’s media presence across over 50 digital channels to help marketing and communications teams identify opportunities to increase brand visibility and drive new customer acquisition.

We utilize a set of tools to evaluate dozens of criteria points that we believe to be the most important aspects for evaluating owned, earned, and paid media. We have compiled these criteria points from our 20+ years of experience working in the digital marketing and communications industry.


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