Your Ultimate Guide to New York Tech Week 2023

Get ready for the electrifying New York Tech Week 2023! A week packed with in-person events hosted by NYC’s most influential VCs and startups is just around the corner. Dive into our ultimate guide to discover the essential events you won’t want to miss, starting on Monday, October 16th, as we unlock the full potential of this thrilling lineup.

**Keep in mind that events are added daily, so it’s best to check NYC Tech Week’s website for more, ensuring you stay up-to-date with all the exciting opportunities this week has to offer.

Monday, October 16th


  1. Tech Week Welcome Party [Location TBD]: Kick off the exciting Tech Week with a vibrant welcome party, bringing together tech enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators for an evening of networking and celebration. Dive into engaging conversations, explore the latest tech trends, and set the tone for the week ahead.
  2. Fintech Coffee [Flatiron]: Start your morning with a refreshing cup of coffee and dive deep into the world of financial technology. Engage with fintech experts, discuss emerging innovations, and share insights in a relaxed and informal setting.
  3. Fintech Investor Breakfast [Manhattan TBD]: An exclusive gathering for fintech startups and investors, this breakfast event offers a platform to explore investment opportunities, discuss market trends, and foster meaningful partnerships. Enjoy a curated menu while building connections in the fintech ecosystem.
  4. Girls Founder & Funder Breakfast [Flatiron]: Empowering female founders and funders, this breakfast event celebrates the achievements of women in the startup world. Engage in insightful discussions, share experiences, and collaborate to drive the future of entrepreneurship.
  5. CX Summit [Chelsea]: Dive into the world of customer experience at the CX Summit, where industry leaders and experts come together to discuss best practices, innovations, and strategies. Explore case studies, attend workshops, and gain insights into enhancing customer journeys and satisfaction.
  6. Founder Happy Hour [Soho]: Unwind after a productive day with fellow founders at this relaxed happy hour event. Share stories, celebrate milestones, and build lasting relationships over drinks and appetizers.
  7. Founder Friends [Midtown]: A unique gathering designed for founders to connect, collaborate, and share insights. Whether you’re seeking advice, partnerships, or simply a friendly chat, this event offers a supportive community for entrepreneurs.
  8. Tech Week Kick Off [Midtown]: Set the stage for an exhilarating Tech Week with this inaugural event. Meet fellow tech enthusiasts, preview the week‘s agenda, and gear up for a series of informative and inspiring sessions.

Tuesday, October 17th


  1. Pitch & Walk [Chelsea]: A unique event where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas while taking a refreshing walk, fostering a relaxed environment for creativity and feedback. Engage in dynamic discussions and get on-the-spot insights as you stroll.
  2. Women in HealthTech Breakfast [Columbus Circle]: Celebrate the achievements and innovations of women in the HealthTech industry. Over breakfast, engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and explore the latest trends shaping the future of healthcare technology.
  3. Women’s Health Future [Union Square]: A dedicated event focusing on the advancements and challenges in women’s health. Connect with experts, advocates, and innovators, discussing everything from reproductive health to wellness solutions tailored for women.
  4. Watertower Emerge: Dive into the latest innovations and breakthroughs with Watertower Emerge. This event showcases emerging technologies and solutions, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of the tech landscape.
  5. Solving Web3 Payments [Soho]: Delve into the complexities and solutions surrounding Web3 payments. Engage with industry experts, discuss challenges, and explore cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the decentralized financial landscape.
  6. Founders Secrets Lunch [Soho]: Join fellow entrepreneurs for an intimate lunch, where founders share their success stories, challenges, and secrets to building a thriving business. Gain insights and inspiration from real-life experiences.
  7. Pitch Battle [Midtown]: A competitive event where startups go head-to-head, pitching their ideas to a panel of judges. Witness innovation in action, cheer for your favorite teams, and see who takes home the coveted Pitch Battle trophy.
  8. Founders Round Table [Soho]: A collaborative forum for founders to come together, share insights, and discuss challenges. Engage in deep-dive discussions, seek advice, and build lasting relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.
  9. Fenwick Networking [Flatiron]: Hosted by Fenwick, this networking event offers professionals a platform to connect, collaborate, and explore potential partnerships. Dive into engaging conversations and expand your professional network.
  10. Roadster Capital [Soho]: Get a glimpse into the world of venture capital with Roadster Capital’s exclusive event. Discuss investment trends, explore opportunities, and engage with leading investors and startups.
  11. Investor Happy Hour [Soho]: Unwind with the investment community at this relaxed happy hour. Build connections, discuss market trends, and foster potential partnerships over drinks and light bites.
  12. Scalling B2B Sales [Soho]: Dive deep into the strategies and challenges of scaling B2B sales. Engage with sales experts, explore best practices, and gain insights into driving growth in the B2B landscape.
  13. Marketing Speed Date [Soho]: A fast-paced event where marketers meet for quick, insightful discussions. Rotate through sessions, exchange ideas, and discover innovative marketing strategies in a dynamic setting.
  14. Tech & Sport [Midtown]: Explore the intersection of technology and sports at this engaging event. Discover how tech innovations are revolutionizing the sports industry, from fan engagement to athlete performance.
  15. Pizza w Palm Drive Capital [Flatiron]: Enjoy a slice of pizza while diving into discussions on venture capital and startup trends with Palm Drive Capital. A casual setting to explore investment opportunities and insights.
  16. Pre Seed [Soho]: An event dedicated to early-stage startups, offering insights into seed funding, investor relations, and scaling strategies. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and investors, and lay the foundation for your startup’s growth.
  17. Happiest Hour Ventures [Soho]: A relaxed evening event where entrepreneurs and investors come together to discuss ventures over drinks. Share stories, explore opportunities, and build lasting relationships in a casual setting.
  18. Female Execs [Soho]: Celebrate the achievements and leadership of female executives across industries. Engage in discussions on leadership, challenges, and the future of women in executive roles.
  19. Women in VC [Soho]: Dive into the world of venture capital with a focus on the trailblazing women shaping the industry. This event celebrates the achievements of female venture capitalists, offering a platform for networking, sharing insights, and discussing the challenges and opportunities unique to women in the VC landscape. Engage with leading figures, foster collaborations, and empower the next generation of female investors.

Wednesday, October 18th


  1. Yoga for Startup Woman [Midtown West]: Embrace wellness and balance with a tailored yoga session designed for entrepreneurial women. This event offers startup women a chance to unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with their inner selves, fostering both physical and mental well-being amidst the hustle of the startup world.
  2. Ai & Capital Markets [Times Square]: Delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on capital markets. This event brings together AI experts and financial professionals to discuss innovations, challenges, and the future of AI-driven financial strategies.
  3. Panel Discussion Female Founders [Soho]: Engage in an insightful panel discussion featuring trailblazing female founders. Hear their stories, learn from their experiences, and gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in the entrepreneurial space.
  4. Market Execution [Soho]: Dive deep into strategies, best practices, and challenges of effective market execution. This event offers professionals a platform to discuss go-to-market strategies, scaling tactics, and the nuances of capturing market share.
  5. Ai Happy Hour [Soho]: Unwind and connect with AI enthusiasts and experts in a relaxed setting. Discuss the latest trends, share insights, and explore the future of artificial intelligence over drinks and light bites.
  6. FJ Labs Happy Hour [Soho]: Hosted by FJ Labs, this happy hour offers a platform for tech enthusiasts, investors, and startups to network and discuss the latest in innovation. Engage in dynamic conversations and foster potential collaborations in a casual setting.
  7. Future is Female Funded [Chelsea]: Celebrate the rise of female-led investments and ventures. This event shines a spotlight on the women driving the future of startups, offering insights into female-centric funding and the changing landscape of venture capital.
  8. Women Builders [Noho]: Honor and engage with the women who are building the future across various industries. From tech to construction, this event celebrates the achievements, innovations, and leadership of women who are making a tangible impact in their fields.
  9. Founders, Funders & Friends [Soho]: A collaborative gathering bringing together the entrepreneurial community. Engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and build lasting relationships with founders, investors, and supporters in the startup ecosystem.

Thursday, October 19th


  1. P2P Breakfast [Soho]: Dive into the world of peer-to-peer technologies and solutions over a hearty breakfast. This event offers attendees the chance to discuss the latest in P2P trends, share insights, and network with fellow enthusiasts in a relaxed morning setting.
  2. Climate Capital Happy Hour [UWS]: Unwind and engage with professionals passionate about sustainable investments. This happy hour event focuses on the intersection of finance and climate solutions, offering a platform to discuss green investments, sustainable strategies, and the future of climate capital.
  3. NY’s Road to Electrification [Williamsburg]: Explore New York’s journey towards a more sustainable and electrified future. This event delves into the city’s initiatives, challenges, and successes in adopting electric vehicles, infrastructure, and other electrification efforts, highlighting the path towards a greener urban environment.
  4. Sports Tech [Soho]: Dive into the innovative world of sports technology. Engage with industry experts, discover the latest tech-driven solutions enhancing athletic performance and fan engagement, and discuss the future of technology in the realm of sports.

Friday, October 20th


  1. Women + Early Stage [Soho]: Delve into the world of early-stage startups with a focus on the dynamic women leading the charge. This event celebrates the achievements and challenges of female entrepreneurs in the initial phases of their ventures, offering insights, networking opportunities, and a platform to share experiences.
  2. Female Founder Lunch [Nomad]: Gather around the table with trailblazing female founders for an intimate lunch session. Engage in meaningful discussions, share entrepreneurial journeys, and gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women at the helm of startups.
  3. Healthcare Founders Walk [Central Park]: Embark on a refreshing walk with founders driving innovation in the healthcare sector. This event offers a unique opportunity to discuss healthcare trends, challenges, and solutions in a relaxed setting, fostering both physical well-being and collaborative discussions.

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