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Acorns is a financial wellness platform that empowers users to invest spare change by rounding up their everyday purchases.

The Challenge

Acorns faced a dual-faceted challenge in its mission to redefine personal finance. First, the company set its sights on a daunting yet noble objective: to reach and meaningfully serve the 182 million consumers traditionally underserved by the financial system. This ambitious goal required not only innovative financial solutions but also a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of this vast audience. The task was to create and deliver services that would not only be accessible but also genuinely beneficial to those who have long been overlooked by conventional financial institutions.

Complicating this endeavor was the need to navigate and reframe the prevailing “robo advisor” narrative that had come to dominate perceptions of fintech. Acorns aimed to position itself distinctively at the intersection of fintech, wellness, and education — a hybrid entity that transcends the limitations of automated financial advice by incorporating elements of financial health and literacy into its core offerings. The challenge lay in effectively communicating this holistic approach to personal finance, ensuring that Acorns was recognized not just for its technological prowess but as a comprehensive platform for financial empowerment and well-being.

The Results

  • Within six months, Acorns was featured in more than 125 articles.
  • In 2018, Acorns had 11,000 article mentions achieving 14 billion in aggregate readership.
  • Noah Kerner, CEO, participated in broadcast interviews to discuss successes of the firm.
  • The firm is frequently covered in top-tier outlets and consumer publications.

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