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Wyndham Vacation Rentals

The Challenge

More Reservations at a Lower Net Cost-Per-Sale
Wyndham Vacation Rentals (WVR) paid media wasn’t performing to its full potential. Messaging wasn’t aligned with relevant ad copy and conversion rates were low.

More Reservations at a Lower Net Cost-Per-Sale

The Execution

Analysis & Optimization

  • Perform detailed analysis of each campaign and corresponding keywords
  • Identify ways to eliminate budget waste
  • Optimize keyword bids to improve average position across most efficient terms
  • Add additional iterations of relevant keywords
  • A/B-test promotional copy versus evergreen messaging
  • Optimize display URLs to include query search terms
More Efficiency, Greater Reach

The Result

More Efficiency, Greater Reach
Optimized budget allocation and decreased wasteful spend, which increased ROAS by 295%. The improved relevance of ad copy to each keyword set contributed to improved quality scores, better average position, and a 62% increase in CTR, resulting in substantially lower CPCs. Net cost-per-sale decreased 75%.

cost decrease

295% increase in Return on Ad Spend due to 75% decreased cost-per-sale. 75% decrease in net cost-per-sale.

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