Recharge Capital

Private Investment Firm that sets its Thematic Focus Around Women's Health

Recharge Capital

The Challenge

Build brand awareness, notability, and a global reputation for Recharge Capital as it engages in fundraising initiatives for its thematic investment health tech strategy funds. Build the founders’ profiles as thought leaders and subject matter experts in health technology through traditional media interviews, podcasts, virtual webinars, and speaking panels, as well as opinion pieces placed in prominent outlets.

The Execution

  • Prior to working with Avenue Z, Recharge Capital had received limited coverage in major publications.
  • Since partnering with Avenue Z, the company has received notable coverage in numerous business and health-focused outlets including Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Modern Healthcare, and Health Tech World.
More Efficiency, Greater Reach - Recharge Capital

The Result

Greater Reach With Health and Business Audiences
Through their collaboration with Avenue Z, Recharge Capital underwent a transformative shift in their media presence. Initially, the company had received minimal exposure in prominent publications. However, following their partnership with Avenue Z, Recharge Capital achieved remarkable results, garnering significant coverage across a spectrum of influential business and health-oriented platforms, including prominent names such as Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Modern Healthcare, and Health Tech World.

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